Louie & Ollie: Everything That You Gotta Know



Louie & Ollie is a webcomic centered around two robots who live in an overly industrial world. The two work in the package delivery department for Smogg Industries, the economy’s leading manufacturing corporation, and find themselves getting into a wide range of misadventures while also interacting with their fellow coworkers who are also robots, as well as their overbearing boss and namesake of the corporation, Mr. Smogg.


THE CAST (From top left to bottom right)

LOUIE – For what he lacks in smarts, Louie makes up for in his sheer determination to do the best job that he can to meet Mr. Smogg’s expectations and demands. Unfortunately, said determination tends to cloud his thoughts far too often, which frequently leads him and Ollie into trouble. He is also capable of storing anything into his stomach.

OLLIE – All Ollie ever wants is some luxury, but that’s something she’s never managed to have – especially not at Smogg Industries. Between Louie’s obliviousness, Mr. Smogg’s treatment, the simple yet in the end difficult job of having delivering packages, and her equally eccentric co-workers, to say she’s not too fond of what she has to put up with would be a bit of an understatement. However, that’s not to say she doesn’t have a soft spot – most of the time, she just doesn’t get the chance to show it.

FRANKLIN Y. SMOGG/MR. SMOGG – Being the CEO of the economy’s leading establishment, Mr. Smogg tends to pride himself in that fact very much, much to the annoyance of Ollie. It doesn’t help matters that he’s not known for having high patience, especially with Louie & Ollie. He’s also known to be immensely defensive of his status, and is willing to go to any length to fight for it whenever something appears that holds a chance, whether they be slight or major, of derailing it.

ABIGAIL – Being held responsible with the job of arranging orders from customers, Abigail isn’t exactly the most stable of the Smogg Industries crew. Despite this, she does her best to put on a smile around the presence of Mr. Smogg and the others.

LOGAN – Despite being having the position of a trash cleaner, Logan is a showoff whose influence clearly comes from Mr. Smogg, who hasn’t exactly set the best example. With the exception of Mr. Smogg and Abigail (who he has a crush on), he tends to be a jerk to everyone around him.

TONY AND MANNY – Conjoined with one another, Tony and Manny have the task of being security guards. Unfortunately for Mr. Smogg, they’re not very well-suited for the job, giving that Tony is a drowsy lump while Manny is an anxious worrywart.


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